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The House on the GulfIf Only Bran Would Stop Acting Weird.Probably He Had A Perfectly Reasonable Explanation For Everything I Just Couldn T Imagine What It Would Be.When Britt S Older Brother, Bran, Lands A Summer Job House Sitting For The Marquises, An Elderly Couple, It Seems Like A Great Opportunity Britt And Bran Have Moved To Florida So Their Mother Can Finish College, And The House Sitting Income Will Allow Their Mom To Quit Her Job And Take Classes Full Time Having Never Lived In A Real House Before, Britt Is Thrilled There S Only One Problem Britt Starts To Suspect Her Family Isn T Supposed To Be There She S Been Noticing That Bran Is Acting Weird And Defensive He Hides The Marquises Mail, Won T Let Anyone Touch The Thermostat, And Discourages Britt From Meeting Any Of The Neighbors Determined To Get To The Bottom Of Things, Britt Starts Investigating And Makes A Startling Discovery The Marquises Aren T Who Bran Has Led Her And Their Mom To Believe So Whose House Are They Staying In, And Why Has Bran Brought Them There With Unexpected Twists And Turns, Award Winner Margaret Peterson Haddix Has Again Crafted A Thriller That Will Grip Readers Until Its Stunning Conclusion.

Margaret Peterson Haddix grew up on a farm near Washington Court House, Ohio She graduated from Miami University of Ohio with degrees in English journalism, English creative writing and history Before her first book was published, she worked as a newspaper copy editor in Fort Wayne, Indiana a newspaper reporter in Indianapolis and a community college instructor and freelance writer in Danvil

!!> BOOKS ✵ The House on the Gulf ✫ Author Margaret Peterson Haddix – Instaposter.us
  • Hardcover
  • 208 pages
  • The House on the Gulf
  • Margaret Peterson Haddix
  • English
  • 09 February 2017
  • 9780689854224

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    Brittany wants to find out why her brother is acting so suspicious, but she doesn t want him to know, so she goes behind his back to figure out what he s up to In the book, House on the Gulf by Margaret Peterson Haddix, Brittany and her older brother Bran recently moved to Florida for their mom s college Bran got them a house sitting job where they can live over the summer Recently, Brittany has been noticing that Bran has been acting very suspicious. Bran What are you doing I shrieked.He dropped the flashlight and it rolled toward me I picked it up Jeez, Britt, you scared me to death, Bran said, jerking the flashlight out of my hand He shone it right onto my face, like I was a suspect of a crime What are you doing out here I think this is a very important part in the book because it shows how Bran was trying to hide something, but got caught by Brittany You can also see this reaction to when she found him, and made him seem very guilty of something This book is exciting to r...

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    What I learned from this book I learned that every choice you make effects the people around you Bran, Britt, and their mother moved to Florida so their mother can get an education Through out the book Bran is house sitting for the Marquises, an older couple Except he is acting weird, and Britt thinks he s hiding something With their mother at school during the day Britt has to figu...

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    Every author is entitled to one or two stinkers So even after reading this, I can still be a loyal fan of Margaret Peterson Haddix.I don t like reading a mystery book when I can figure out the big mystery on page six It was painfully obvious and it was agonizing reading the protagonist being so clueless If anyone beside Margaret Peterson Haddix had written the book, I would have st...

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    The house on the gulf by Margaret Peterson Haddix is about a thirteen year old girl named Britt Lasseter When Britt s older brother, Bran gets to house sit for an elderly couple during the summer, the lasseters lives have changed Since Britt, Bran, and their mother have always lived on the streets, this would be the summer of a lifetime for the family But once they move into the house, Bran starts acting very suspicious, not touching anything inside or outside the house, making sure everything is in perfect condition Bran s excuse for his behaviour is the Marquises, the elderly couple letting Bran house sit told him if anything was out of place when they got back, they would not be paying him Even though this convinces Britt s mother, she still thinks something is wrong I rated this book four out of five stars because it was ...

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    We all know Margaret Peterson Haddix is one of my favorite authors, but this book really cinches it Not only is it a very specific genre sort of a bloodless thriller for kids , but it s something that handles a lot of complicated topics mostly relating to family, trauma, and obligation It s genuinely one of those books that ha...

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    Margaret Peterson Haddix s The House on the Gulf presents an interesting premise from the perspective of a girl who thinks her brother has something to hide Britt is an average almost thirteen girl living with her older brother and her mother, who attends college Britt s brother, Bran, lands a job house sitting for a family that s out of town It sounds like a good deal, and almost too good to be true for the family who isn t used to having such accommodations But as Bran s behavior becomes erratic, Britt s convinced that not everything is as it seems As she starts coming across curious pieces of evidence and discussions within the neighborhood, her doubts about her brother take full shape, and ultimately culminate into a scheme that she couldn t see coming.I usually love a good young adult mystery involving the protagonist bargaining with suspicion, especially involving family members But I have to say for the build up, this book didn t tie its ends very well, even aiming for those between the ages of 8 12 Don t get me wrong, Haddix s prose and pacing in each chapter is very well done I found myself going through each chapter, observing and learning as Britt puts pieces together about their situation up until the big reveal However, despite an...

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    Clearly not one of my favorite books by Margaret Petersen Haddix This book did not have the intensity that she has had through out the other books that I have read of hers The House on The Gulf is a story of a young boy named Bran and his sister Britt Bran has been mowing lawns for a family in Florida and comes home one day to tell his mom and sister that he has been asked to house sit for the older couple while they go to New York for the summer His family is so excited since they could barely afford rent in their apartment and really needed a break After moving in Bran had been acting mysterious from the moment they walked in the door He removed every picture from the walls, anything that could possibly break and even the family s plates, cups and silverware Britt has started to wonder what is go...

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    There was something about this house that made bran weird Every page of 201 pages were full of mystery and something new about the house that made bran weird Margey petterson haddix did a great job with this book The problem in this book is that bran doesn t want to lie She is keeping so many Secrets from people that she just wants to explode The book can be amagined how ever you want it to look like in anytime Britt is the narrator Her real name is brittany but she doesn t like that name Britt cannot make decision then I stood there for a moment longer and m hand reached out a card I d glanced at and put it back once or twice Britt and her brother bran and their mom were struggling with money Bran came home and told them hevfound a house they could stay at for the whole summer Britt was getting bad scen...

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    Quick Book Summary Bran invited his family to live with him in the Marquises while he house sitted for them Bran started acting weirder and weirder about the house Britt found out that the Marquises are really her mom s parents and their grandparents In the end Bran searched the wrong Marquises and almost went to jail for it After everything was over they got to live with Mrs and Mr Stuldy.I gave the book three stars because I thought it was an interesting yet confusing book I also liked how it had so many cool and exciting twists I recommend this book beacuse it is a really mysterious book and would like to share the mystery with others I liked how Bran always protected Britt, usually I would always fight with my sister I also liked how the setting was when they lived in Florida on the beach in the summer, surrounded by trees, fresh green grass, sand, and water It was exciting and intense when they heard the ...

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    It was a mystery but a little bit of a let down an why the brother was hiding things I thought it was going to be a little magical In the end the owner of the house wasn t the Marquises, it was the Marcuses Bran though that the owner of the house was his mom s parents, but it turned out to be another Marcus The reason Bran wanted to stay in his grandparent s house was because they were horrible to her He was working as the lawn boy mowing the lawn and taking care of it The Marcuses go to New York every summer When Mr Marcus dies, Mrs Marcus goes back to Florida to sell the house Thats when its revealed that Mr and Mrs Marcus are NOT the mom s parent s It was a twist but not as big as I was hoping Margret Peterson Haddix is a great author and a...

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