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The Girl Who Soared Over Fairyland and Cut the Moon in TwoSeptember Misses Fairyland And Her Friends Ell, The Wyverary, And The Boy Saturday She Longs To Leave The Routines Of Home, And Embark On A New Adventure Little Does She Know That This Time, She Will Be Spirited Away To The Moon, Reunited With Her Friends, And Find Herself Faced With Saving Fairyland From A Moon Yeti With Great And Mysterious Powers.Here Is Another Rich, Beautifully Told, Wisely Humorous And Passionately Layered Book From New York Times Bestselling Author Catherynne M Valente.

Catherynne M Valente was born on Cinco de Mayo, 1979 in Seattle, WA, but grew up in in the wheatgrass paradise of Northern California She graduated from high school at age 15, going on to UC San Diego and Edinburgh University, receiving her B.A in Classics with an emphasis in Ancient Greek Linguistics She then drifted away from her M.A program and into a long residence in the concrete and cam

➵ The Girl Who Soared Over Fairyland and Cut the Moon in Two Download ➾ Author Catherynne M. Valente – Instaposter.us
  • Paperback
  • 352 pages
  • The Girl Who Soared Over Fairyland and Cut the Moon in Two
  • Catherynne M. Valente
  • English
  • 08 December 2018
  • 9781472110213

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    I love Catherynne M Valente s writing, and recommend her to others only second to my beloved Diana Wynne Jones My first introduction to her was the first book in the Fairyland series, which grabbed hold of me such that I was ecstatic to see the prequel short and overjoyed that a second book came out I only just today learned that this is to be a five book series, and I had this one, the third, on Kindle pre order the moment I learned of it I have talked up her Orphan s Tales series beyond all measure, and I ve even bought the first Fairyland book as a gift for a friend, though I rarely do that because it s such a risk It s safe to say I love these stories and I love Valente s writing I didn t love this book Oh, Ms Valente, you forgot something so important You forgot to work on the story It takes according to the Kindle calculator 44% of the book to even begin the story Up to that point it s one person lecturing September after another She stands in one place and hears pages of lecture on one subject, then she moves to a new place and stands there to hear pages of lecture on another subject We hear about the imaginary nature of money and about being co dependent so that you live only to create the happiness of others We hear about the way countries are run and about how c...

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    While the language is beautiful and still bright, and while we ve got a little older September to contend with, I don t think this is the best of the Fairyland books She s growing up, learning that Yeti s hands can control serious time and Words have a magic that is all the greater because it belongs not only to Fairies, but to everyone, and the clothes you wear are like the words you use It s sweet, and it s good, but there was something missing in the middle of the book.Direction I loved the descriptions, the imagination, the characters, and the Rights of Tools, but there wasn t a center impetus to push the plot forward I don t mind if we meander, and there was a lot of meandering, but I like to know that we re shooting for the moon, too.I am NOT saying this was a bad book, because her works are so brilliant that they outshine the sun I just don t think it matches the strengths of the previous two Even if view spoiler Saturday has turned into a budding Love Inter...

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    It took me quite a long time to finish this book Why I ll get to that later The book series started out in 2009 as a crowdfunded middle grade online novel originally, a fictional children s book in the author s other book Palimpsest I know, right How come this series is so old , yet barely known throughout the world Doesn t seem appropriate.As anyone following my reviews knows, I was absolutely smitten with the first book and equally delighted with the second although the first book in a series usually holds a special charm over me This was book 3 and I must say that it is obvious that Catherynne Valente is a master I mean, this is the weakest in the series and it s still a 4,5 star A short description September gets back to Fairyland, again a bit later than exactly one year after her last trip what s up with that but needs to hitch a ride with the Blue Wind this time to get there.I did NOT like that one Sometimes I understood the criticism but overall I wanted to throw some punches and completely understand why this wind doesn t have a Great Cat of Neph...

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    Let it be known that I love, love, love Catherynne Valente s Fairyland books The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making was one of those books that I think justifies an author s entire career all by itself its language, its heart, its ability to seize grown up hearts as readily as it speaks to those of children It s a book that makes me wish I had children so I could read it to them.Do not speak against TGWCFIASOHOM I will defriend you Kidding Maybe That was the first Fairyland book, in which twelve year old September, still Somewhat Heartless, went to Fairyland for the first time, and met her Wyverary A Through L and her blue Marid boy Saturday, and grew up, just a little.In The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland and Led the Revels There, September went back to Fairyland, and this time the lesson she learned was that you have to Clean Up Your Messes Because her first visit was not without consequences.And so we come to the third book Catherynne Valente has said that she plans, I believe, five books in the series, which will take September almost up to adulthood In The Girl Who Soared Over ...

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    Just because it s imaginary doesn t mean it isn t real this is September, a.k.a The Girl Who Captured My Heart and Took It On A Marvellous Ride to Fairyland for the third time Repeat offender this cutie, but I don t mind On the contrary, I hope she makes plans for many wacky, bittersweet, tenderly wistful returns to the land where Imagination runs free and where she can follow the imperatives of her Criminal heart.That s right, you heard me The denizens of Fairyland have dubbed Saturday a professional Criminal, licensed and outfitted her properly in black silks and guild hat Readers familiar with her previous adventures already know she deposed a tyrant of the land in the first book and messed with the proper order of the shadowy undeground realm in the second one So she s considred a professional and unrepentant troublemaker Now she s heading for the third sphere, up in the air where the Moon is shaken to its very foundations by an angry Yeti Who will be called to save the Moon but our freshly dubbed Criminal Here is everything that soared up high and got lost, everything that wanted to keep safe from marauders below This tenderhearted old world catches everything thrown too far and too hard, keeps everything fragile whole baseballs and stuffed bears and birds nests and last autumn leaves, zeppelins and Icarus and Leonardo s flying machine, Fairies a...

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    I love these books I ve said it before, and if there are to come, I ll damn well say it again I love these books These are books I d be so happy to read to children, and I would barely be able to suppress my glee to see what stories they d come up with themselves, prompted by these inventive and whimsical tales September, every time she goes to Fairyland, steals my heart.Note The rest of this review has been withheld due to the recent changes in Goodreads poli...

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    September and the Model A Ford, Aroostook.Twelve year old September has visited Fairyland twice before and longs to return She misses her friends, the Marid, Saturday, and the Wyverary, affectionately called Ell Life is sad and monotonous at home, where she helps her invalid father and does odd jobs for neighbours Anyone for a Taxicrab But when she finally gets back to her beloved Fairyland, things have changed For one thing she can t find her friends The Model A Ford she arrived in is also seemingly developing a personality of it s own both odd with decorative additions Can September vanquish the fearsome Yeti that is carving up the moon Will she find a way for the fairies to return and will she ever leave Fairyland again Dear friendsThis is the third book in a five part series and just like the first two never fails to impress Full of fantasic characters and the most bizarre landscapes imaginable, The Girl Who Soared Over Fairyland and Cut the M...

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    This was a lovely third book to the Fairyland series, where September has struggled to return to Fairyland and is wondering if you can ever really go back The characters left behind in Fairyland have struggled too, missing her and loving her Life apart is not always easy.September meets a few versions of Saturday and starts to question whether she gets choices in her life, and between that and the nostalgia of childhood and facing being a grownup and what that means for her fairy land and fairy friends, this book is a bit tinged in sadness It also includes Valente s amazing imagination that we ve seen from her poetry to Palimpsest still my favorite to the very underdiscussed Prester John books.This is the first book of Valente s that I ve listened to, and Catherynne M Valente is a marvelous performer of her own work Her voice has the versatility of an old Hollywood actress, with moments of great rich depth I feel like going back and listening to everything she s ever read Her performance enriches her worlds, and I highly recommend the audio.Little bits I liked Marriage is a wrestling match where you hold on tight while your mate changes into a hundred different things The trick is that you re changing into a hundred other things, but you can...

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    April 28, 2016 Much of what I was thinking to share about this story I already talked about in the review below, so high five for past me I will clarify that what I attributed to an ambling middle I would now call a fuzzy plot I ve got the general idea of what September was meant to do, adventure wise, but it it can become the slightest bit muddled, especially when it comes to action Valente can kind of rush and over describe her action so that you leave a block of text thinking, I m not entirely sure what just happened, but it sure was pretty If I could be objective about this book, I d probably rank it a 4.5 stars primarily for this reason It does than make up for it with the characters we meet Tell me how Valente can make a better character out of an old car with a flower steering wheel than most authors can make their main characters Everyone is so rich and lovely and every place has Lessons to Teach and Very Important Things to say and I just gobble that up I mentioned in my original review that I love stories about growing up and YES Everything this book said about the confusion of trying to figure out who you are and how we spend a childhood growing a heart, only to have peop...

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    This story has been my favorite of the three that I have read so far, but they are all so unique it is really hard to decide There were so many times that I had to stop and absolutely admire the author s prose and imagination The weather descriptions real...

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