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Thomas Jefferson Grows a Nation Thomas Jefferson Was Than A President And Patriot He Was Also A Planter And Gardener Who Loved To Watch Things Grow Everything From Plants And Crops To Even His Brand New Nation As Minister To France, Jefferson Promoted All Things American, Sharing Corn And Pecans With His Parisian Neighbors As Secretary Of State, He Encouraged His Fellow Farmers To Grow Olives, Rice And Maple Trees As President, He Doubled The Size Of The Nation With The Louisiana Purchase Even In His Retirement, Jefferson Continued To Nurture The Nation, Laying The Groundwork For The University Of Virginia In This Meticulously Researched Picture Book For Older Readers, Author Peggy Thomas Uncovers Jefferson S Passion For Agriculture And His Country And Stacy Innerst S Incredibly Original Illustrations Offer The Right Balance Of Reverence And Whimsy This Is Thomas Jefferson As He S Never Been Seen Before Back Matter Includes An Author S Note On Jefferson S Legacy Today Timeline, Bibliography Place To Visit Monticello And Source Notes.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Thomas Jefferson Grows a Nation book, this is one of the most wanted Peggy Thomas author readers around the world.

PDF / Epub ☁ Thomas Jefferson Grows a Nation  Author Peggy Thomas – Instaposter.us
  • Hardcover
  • 48 pages
  • Thomas Jefferson Grows a Nation
  • Peggy Thomas
  • 13 May 2019
  • 9781620916285

10 thoughts on “Thomas Jefferson Grows a Nation

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    This was a lovely book I was inspired by all he did to grow many things It s a nice companion book to studying his many accomplishments I loved the quotes and other interesting nuggets of informationlike his...

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    Thomas Jefferson Grows a Nation looks at the accomplishments of TJ through his love of growing things highlighting the fact that although he was accomplished in a great many things he was, in his heart, a farmer The majority of the book phrases all of the changes he brought about and challenges he faced in agriculture terms, growth , planting , nurture , weeds , uprooted , etc further highlighting his agricultural focus and background I enjoyed this way of approaching TJ s life it is different from many biography books meant for younger kids that focus on his political achievements only and fail to show that he was a farmer Peggy Thomas does a wonderful job demonstrating how passionate TJ was about America and showing the potential agricultural worth of the country to other nations I particularly enjoyed finding out how in his efforts to refute Count Buffon s claims that America was a country of inferior wildlife TJ requested a Moose be hunted and the carcass sent to him and when it arrived he was so excited he opened the box of smelly moose parts in front of guests There is also how TJ risked the death penalty in Italy to smuggle grains of rice out to experiment with them in the...

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    The approach of this informational book for young readers is definitely different because it references primary sources and focuses on less known facts about Jefferson the farmer and peace commissioner What I don t a...

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    This was fascinating, but would children engage with this book The handwritten part, I wonder about especially, as many children are not taught cursive now will children be able to read Jefferson s own words on the s...

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    This was not a typical biographical read about our third president and writer of the worlds most famous breakup letter Thomas Jefferson Instead author Peggy Thomas focused on how Jefferson worked at growing the nations reputat...

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    It s well researched and interesting with classy drawings I m not sure that there is a wide audience for this, but having been to Monticello myself, I learned new things about Jefferson through this text and it reminded me of the gardens I saw there.

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    Using the lens of plants and some animals, Thomas details Jefferson s contributions to both the political and natural world She deftly conveys a sense of Jefferson s personality as well as his considerable interests and talents on many fronts An artistic rendering of a quote, No occupation is so delightful to me as the culture of the earth, followed up by a two page spread of Jefferson plowing a field, set up the agricultural metaphors used throughout Thomas then playfully tells of his interest in animals and his dismay over French naturalist Count Buffon s inaccuracies about America s majestic wildlife leading him to send Buffon the femur, hoof, fur, and antlers of a moose When Jefferson was in Europe negotiating trade agreements, he also studied their plants, going so far as to smuggle rice from Italy back to Monticello As President, when he sent Lewis and Clark on their famous expedition, they frequently sent him sketches, notes, seeds, and samples of the plant and animal life they observed His time at Monti...

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    A picture book biography of Jefferson, focusing on his skills as a farmer, cultivator of seeds and of democracy It starts after the American Revolution, when he writes a book on Virginia natural resources to refute the French naturalist Count Buffon s claims that all plants and animals in the United States are inferior to American ones Jefferson becomes minister to France and talks to Buffon in person, but can t convince him otherwise He even has a dead American moose shipped to France It takes nearly a year for the hunt and then the moose to arrive, having severe shipping difficulties This eventually changed Buffon s mind, though he never rewrote his books Jefferson continues to promote American plants in France, gets trade deals for American farmers, brings back European seeds to experiment with back at home The story goes on as Jefferson becomes Vice President and then President, always eager to find new species of food crops and plants I enjoyed this unique look at this founding father and how he worked to prepare soil for the future with all of that as well as his founding of the University of Virginia Author s note does bring up the contradiction of a slaveholder writing the Declaration of Independence We must decide for ourselves how slavery taints the legacy of Thomas Jefferson Fortunately, his words spoke louder than his actions, says the author Includes bi...

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    I find this picture book a bit of a puzzle in the current market While nonfiction picture books are allowed to be longer than fiction picture books, this book defies the odds with one of the highest word counts I ve seen in a picture book published in the last year I was boggled at the amount of text in this book but determined to wade my way through the morass and read it.And given that it is a nonfiction picture book, it also manages to somehow pull off a unique perspective on Thomas Jefferson the farmer who loved plants and all growing things while white washing his history no mention of the slaves he used at Monticello to help with that same farming Given the flack A Fine Dessert received for including a slave in the storyline and the pull from publication of A Birthday Cake for George Washington , I suppose I shouldn t be surprised by this last fact Especially as I know it wasn t the focus of this particular book an...

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    I love to learn about people through picture book biographies like this They don t have enough scope to give you the full story, but they always have enough to teach you something new and maybe spark an interest in reading something else about that person This picture book biography focuses on Thomas Jefferson as a farmer, which to him means a person who is sensible, honest and plainspoken It looks at many of Thomas Jefferson s accomplishments through the lens of being someone who likes to cultivate things that will bring about a good future I had never heard the story of the moose that he had sent to France to convince French naturalist Count Buffon that American was just as great and strong as Europe I also didn t know that Thomas Jefferson invented a new type of plow that easily cut into the earth and lifted c...

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