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Flight Volume OneFlight Volume One Features Stories By Professionals And Non Professionals Alike, All Playing On The Theme Of Flight In Its Many Incarnations From The Maiden Voyage Of A Home Built Plane To The Adventures Of A Young Courier And His Flying Whale To A Handful Of Stories About Coming Of Age And Letting Things Go, This First Volume Of Flight Is Full Of Memorable Tales That Will Both Amaze And Inspire.

Kazu Kibuishi born 1978 is an American graphic novel author and illustrator He is best known for being the creator and editor of the comic anthology Flight and for creating the webcomic Copper He has also written drawn the Amulet series The webcomic artist and noted critic Scott McCloud has said that some of Kazu Kibuishi s work is so beautifully drawn that it hurts my hands when I look at

[Read] ➺ Flight Volume One ➶ Kazu Kibuishi – Instaposter.us
  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • Flight Volume One
  • Kazu Kibuishi
  • English
  • 15 March 2018
  • 9780345496362

10 thoughts on “Flight Volume One

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    2.5 I ve read another short story collection put together by Kazu Kibuishi that I loved, so I kind of went into this one hoping that I d like it just as much, but that wasn t really the case These stories just didn t really have the wow factor that I was lo...

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    This anthology is why I read comics Some were funny, some were poignant, some were mystical, some were artsy, and it was amazing I highly recommend this to anyone who likes comics and needs a break from all the superhero mate...

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    This is a collection of short sequential art stories, all loosely based on, in some way or at least brushing their feathers against the topic of flight While I appreciated many of the stories and fragments, I found it hard to stay attentive to the book as a whole Though there is some thematic stuff holding these many disparate pieces together, well, I m not sure the concept works for me Maybe because I was expecting a series along the lines of Amulet Some of the stories I couldn t access and the ones I could, ended just as I was beginning to feel engaged Most of the stories aren t fully developed, nor do they add something to the whole, they are just there because they touch upon the theme I do sometimes really enjoy comic anthologies and I am trying to make sens...

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    Out of all the volumes, I have to say that the first volume was the most interesting to me simply because this was an anthology where the majority of the artists are females drawing in styles that aren t typically noticed in the Superhero, male, and floppy format dominated American comics industry These are fellow artists in my age group who I ve seen online and at conventions I wanted this volume in support of them and their work I applaud them just for the very existence of this book and I applaud Kazu for continuing the book to many volumes It has become the must be in anthology in mainstream American comics.Volume one has a number of great little stories in a variety of very distinct styles, even though you can tell that the group is pretty split between animators and illustrators As my personal tastes tend towards the gestural, the painted, or illustratory, I was unhappy that they seemed to vanish from later volumes I personally dislike the American animation style, with its broad and thick...

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    Started this graphic novel anthology a few weeks ago Glad to have finally finished it Giving this collection of graphic short stories a 3 star because not all of them were good Some were boring, strange or just too confusing I ll share my favorites below.My favorite short story from this collection was Maiden and the River Spirit This is a fable that of course has a moral What I loved about it is there is a tiny twist at the end that made me giggle It starts off as your typical fable But like I said that twist ending was the best The fable goes if you drop something into a lake and the water spirit goes to retrieve it for you, you should always answer honestly My second favorite was The Bowl this one was drawn beautifully This is also a fable set deeply in either an Indian or Aztec culture It didn t say so I m guessing on what I m familiar with A man is fishing with nets A crow is watching The man sees the crow and offers it a fish The crow then turns into a god spirit The god spirit grants the man 3 wishes The short story is in pictures only so I was slightly lost toward the ending I enjoyed it anyway.Last favorite was Outside My Window I m assuming this short story could be interpreted differently to many people The story is about a little girl who is kidnapped by a robot He creates a replica of her house...

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    First you need to know that while I m a huge fan of the graphic novel, I am neither a fan of short stories nor anthologies, and that is what this book is A collection of graphic stories I did not know that going in Mea culpa The stories are all about flight in one way or another, and while I quite liked the art, many of the stories in this collection were really weak That being said, there is wide variet...

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    Anthologies are difficult to review Do I rate by the best of the collection or the worst Luckily, Flight solves my problem by having almost uniformly good and, to the point of the collection, beautifully illustrated stories There s a wide variety here The thread that binds them together is the concept of flight, very very loosely defi...

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    Lovely anthology from assorted graphic novelists, most of which centered their craft around the theme of flight I was pleasantly surprised to see several female writers illustrators in the mix The art was...

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    One day, when I was ten or so, alone in the dinnertime quiet of our suburban cul de sac, I reclined in the seat of an upturned Big Wheel and let my gaze wander upwards My head lay on the warm pavement, which hummed with the day s dissipating heat and, far below, the slow engine of the turning earth Staring past the handlebars, I watched as the pane of blue ahead, just a dusty ceiling an hour ago, began to slowly sink away, giving way to a distance I d considered but never quite conceived I felt small, as you do, but also exhilarated and emboldened by the realization that the sky was somewhere a place you might go Flight is a series of meditations on that somewhere With the license granted by the sequential art form, these graphic artists use words and pictures to plumb those heights and dramatize the brash act of flying The collection delivers flights of fancy as well as grounded drama, and there s something for everyone, regardless of experience and comfort with comic art Some may even be surprised to find within it some reflection of themselves flight is as old as dreams though, by that token, so is showing up to class naked , and every one of us has had his turn playing amid the clouds And because we re not really supposed to be up there, and we can never stay for lo...

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    Argh I hate these anthologies that have a guiding story topic I mean, how about just selecting great comics This one all of the stories in some way related to flight And all of the creators were young at the time McCloud in an afterword makes a point of stating the average age was 24 and each creator biography states their age The flight idea is dumb, but I guess the idea of anthologizing and giving young artists a wider audience is nice I don t feel compelled to se...

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