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Pulp Literature Issue 9 Winter 2016A GMO Future Fairytale By George McWhirter Time Travelling Mystery By Mel Anastasiou Spec Fic, Horror And Steampunk By Greg Walklin, Matt Andrew And Stephanie Charette Winter Poetry By Ashley Elizabeth Best And Mary H Auerbach Rykov Comic Book Philosophy By Anat Rabkin The Next Instalment Of Allaigna S Song By JM Landels And The Winners Of The 2015 Hummingbird Prize For Flash Fiction.

JM Landels divides her professional time between writing, editing, drawing, and teaching people to swordfight from horseback She has no hobbies, since they all tend to turn into professions.

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    Two stories stood out to me in this great collection Matt Andrew s There are Aliens in our Teeth, in which hardened military man, Charles, finds this fear of the dentist realized and Dream Home by Jennica Broom, in which the harsh light of reality shi...

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    Honourable mention to Space Tears Can Hurt.

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