Free ↠ Imagine a City By Elise Hurst –

Imagine a City Imagine A World Without Edges Where Bunnies And Bears Ride Bicycles, Lions Read Books, And Buses Are Fish That Fly Through The Clouds In The City Of Imagination, Anything Is Possible, And An Outing With Their Mother Brings A World Of Adventure To Two Lucky Children.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Imagine a City book, this is one of the most wanted Elise Hurst author readers around the world.

Free ↠ Imagine a City  By Elise Hurst –
  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Imagine a City
  • Elise Hurst
  • English
  • 14 April 2018
  • 9781101934579

10 thoughts on “Imagine a City

  1. says:

    The spectacular delight of this children s picture book is Elise Hurst s ink and pen drawings One can spend a good bit of time lost in the wonder of it all each page is a hidden picture adventure Loved that aspect of this little jewel The story itself is quaint, in a fantasy world, non realistic realism sort of way But without the artwork, it falls a bit flat Relish the artwork ch...

  2. says:

    Imagine a city filled entirely with white people seemingly from the 1920 s and a few exoticized ethnics man with a curlique mustache and fez serving tea in a train, Asians in pointy hats, man in a Russian fur hat playing chess in a book published in 2014 Fill the space around these white characters with an Anglophile s nostalgic representation of what a rich imaginary world looks like knights, visual references to Alice and Narnia and Beatrix Potter and Mary Poppins and 19th century English science and exploration Combine this imaginary city with text that celebrates exploring an expansive world, Imagine.A world without edges , Imagine the stories and measureless treasures , The world is your teacher, Imagine the wonders of just such a land, and you get at best a mismatch between what the text is saying and what the illustrations portray At worst you get a book published in 2014 with old tired ethnic tropes as the only diversity offered, a book who...

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    Gorgeous black and white pencil drawings accompany this beautiful rhyming text All about imagination and how it can take you anywhere.

  4. says:

    Loveeee the illustrations Very imaginative

  5. says:

    Elise Hurst s magical pen and ink drawings draw the reader into a fantastical realm of imagination while the text seems almost an afterthought to accompany the art Because the two page spreads are so full, readers could pour over the drawings, yet return again and again to find new elements This book would be a great motivation for creative writing with older students It would also serve as an introduction to a study of utopia...

  6. says:

    Elise is a friend of a friend and I m enjoying following her career as an author illustrator You can see in this book the influence of Shaun Tan and Graeme Base, not in the illustration style, but in the surreal whimsical nature of the world she s created, where animals re...

  7. says:

    LOVED this book Wow

  8. says:

    If I m ever short on exciting dreams of exploration, I ll just reread this book.

  9. says:

    Yes, the pictures were amazing It s daring any to lean on drawing ability alone, and Hurst s draftsmanship is excellent And she has a sense for the page, with compositions that drew me into small spaces and launched me off into expanse So many small details and interesting figures to look at Again, reminiscent of the well filled pages of Anno or Scarry In the words I was hoping for something to tie together the 32 pages But it ended up feeling like a developed sketchbook concept than a picturebook I realize the words here were of a poem than a story, but as a whole it felt like separate pieces gathered together than a unified piece of writing If nothing else, some counterpoint would have done something to make me think about the words In too many cases the words pictures relationship here was 1 1, w...

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    Read this for the illustrations the storyline is in the art itself Might make an interesting jumping off place for a writing prompt Had fun reading this with Madam and looking for familiar characters thro...

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