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The Critique Survival Guide When You Pen Those Magical Words, The End , It S Really Only The First Step On The Road To Publication That First Draft Needs Polishing, Revising, Editing, But You Are Too Close To Your Work To Do This Alone You Need Independent, Thorough And Honest Feedback The Kind That Digs Deep Into What S Working And What S Not The Kind That Will Ruthlessly Expose Cardboard Characters And Lackluster Descriptions The Kind That Will Drive Transit Buses Through Your Carefully Crafted Plot.In Other Words, The Kind That Hurts.The Trouble Is That Even Amongst Friends A Detailed Critique Can Be Hard To Take, But Blunt And Honest Critiques Are A Necessary Growth Pain For Any Writer Venturing Into The Anonymous Jungle Of Online Critique Groups In Search Of Tough Love Is Both Terrifying And Exponentially Rewarding The Critique Survival Guide Shares Practical Tips For Surviving And Thriving On The Harshest Of Critiquing Experiences.

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    I feel like the author wrote this book for people like me I m a writer who suffers fear of criticism However, after reading this book I learned that criticism isn t all negative and it is important It can point out story weakness, flat characters, an error in the timeline, confusion in the plot, and so much .I like how the author pointed out that in regards to criticism, the writer still makes the final decision I know it s not possible to please everyone and and I can see where this can get sticky I m writing a story the way I want to tell it in hopes that many readers will find it entertaining However, I know some people won t like careers names I chose for my characters or the location of story I also know there will be people who don t like my story at all.When I finish writing my book, I ll be passing it around for others to read for their honest opinion Thanks to this author, I now look at criticism as a learning tool I still have a little fear being the sensitive type, but ...

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    The book does cover critique survival What is exceptional about it is how the author breaks down the types of critique a writer might receive, and how to approach each of them In the process, it gives a great deal of writing advice.The book is written like a friendly chat about writing, that a knowledgeable friend might give you On t...

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