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The Fox in the LibraryFox Didn T Come To The Library To Read A Book He Came To Catch A Mouse But Mouse Offers The Fox A Book, Fox Gets All Sorts Of Creative New Ideas Like Eating Chickens Until Chicken Points Out That Chicken Bones Are Dangerous But Then All The Animals Must Band Together When The Chicken Eating, Hating Farmer Walks Into The Library The Adorable Antics Of Fox Should Be Of Interest To All Booklovers Librarians, Booksellers, And Parents Books About Books And Libraries Such As Library Lion Have A Built In Appeal.

Lorenz Pauli is a Swiss pre school educator and author of children s books.

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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY GREG i have added my own review to the end of this, but it s not as good as maggie smaggie s review AT FIRST I DID NOT THINK IT WOULD BE COMFY THIS BOOK IS TOO POINTY, I YELLED BUT THEN I PLOPPED DOWN AND IT WAS LESS POINTY AND THEN I FALLED ASLEEP SO I THINK IT IS A VERY GOOD BOOK it s pretty hard to follow that beautiful creature, but i will try to give my version of a review i saw this book at mcnally jackson when we were there during the adventure a couple weeks back and i said FOX BOOKS GREG LIKES FOX, I LIKE BOOKS and i bought two copies, because it would be silly to just buy one and borrow greg s but it was cheap and i like to give mcnally jackson my money, so i wrote off my silly impulsive behavior as supporting bookstore, but i probably could have gotten by with just borrowing greg s copy it s not a bad book, it s just kind of unfocused it s about a fox who learns about the wonders of reading and the library from a mouse, who is pretty generous with the lessons, considering the fox s intentions were to eat her at the beginning of the book i enjoy the artwork, as the hungry fox looks at books takes books home with him and returns a few nights later with a chicken held prisoner in his mouth which he then forces to do research for him and read aloud its findings on a chilling subject matter are chicken bones hazardous to foxen rude an...

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    Karen bought me this book recently because it had cute pictures in it Apparently it s come to my attention that some people don t like this book, because it does things like teaches untruths about the library and ends abruptly Whatever Ok, this starts with a fox chasing a mouse The mouse ducks into a library and then seems to fool the fox into not eating him because that s not the kind of thing that you would do in a library There is some twisting of logic and the fox seems to go along with it and discovers books instead.Everyone whose ever read just about any fairy tale or fable knows that this is bullshit opps, sorry for cursing in a review for a children s book What kind of fox would fall for this kind of thing This is the kind of argument that foxes throughout the ages in literature have been making to get lions to jump off of cliffs and other hapless but larger animals do their bidding But whose ever heard of a mouse tricking a fox this way Totally unbelievable If I were you and you don t want the book spoiled, I d stop here I don t want to use a spoiler tag for a book that has less words than this whole review so far The book ends the the fox befriending a chicken who can read to him how do chickens...

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    Neo enjoyed seeing fox discover the library and all its resources He loved to wander the shelves and find books like this

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    So eine s e und herzerw rmende Geschichte Mit Bibliotheken kann man mich ja immer begeistern und wenn dann noch ein lernf higer Fuchs dabei ist, ist das ein bisschen wie Liebe

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    Any book that celebrates libraries is a good book in my book.

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    Cute pictures but a little too didactic Also, Mouse should know better than to tell Fox to put the library books back, as that is a pretty big patron no no in libraries.

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    Wie kann man das nicht m gen

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    I didn t like this book It didn t start at the beginning, was awkward to read, and taught poor library manners.

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    Cute story about a hungry fox who chases a mouse into the library The mouse then points the fox towards books where foxes eat other animals, rather than mice Fox cannot read but he learns from the pictures and comes back for audiobooks, etc, this time with a chicken he has captured but isn t quute sure what to do withA cute picture book with energetic illustrations It feature...

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    Themes Fox Chicken Mouse Books LibraryThis is too long for storytime A trip to the library works miracles Fox goes to the library looking for micenot books This isn t the forest this is the library, says Mouse You can only borrow things here So begins the hilarity as Mouse offers Fox a book so that he will get new ideas besides wanting to eat mice The new book works Now Fox is thi...

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