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MongrelsFINALIST FOR THE SHIRLEY JACKSON AWARD FINALIST FOR THE BRAM STOKER AWARD FINALIST FOR THE THIS IS HORROR AWARD HONORABLE MENTION, LOCUS AWARDS NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF 2016 BY TOR.COM AND BOOK RIOTA Spellbinding And Darkly Humorous Coming Of Age Story About An Unusual Boy, Whose Family Lives On The Fringe Of Society And Struggles To Survive In A Hostile World That Shuns And Fears Them.He Was Born An Outsider, Like The Rest Of His Family Poor Yet Resilient, He Lives In The Shadows With His Aunt Libby And Uncle Darren, Folk Who Stubbornly Make Their Way In A Society That Does Not Understand Or Want Them They Are Mongrels, Mixed Blood, Neither This Nor That The Boy At The Center Of Mongrels Must Decide If He Belongs On The Road With His Aunt And Uncle, Or If He Fits With The People On The Other Side Of The Tracks.For Ten Years, He And His Family Have Lived A Life Of Late Night Exits And Narrow Escapes Always On The Move Across The South To Stay One Step Ahead Of The Law But The Time Is Drawing Near When Darren And Libby Will Finally Know If Their Nephew Is Like Them Or Not And The Close Calls They Ve Been Running From For So Long Are Catching Up Fast Now Everything Is About To Change.A Compelling And Fascinating Journey, Mongrels Alternates Between Past And Present To Create An Unforgettable Portrait Of A Boy Trying To Understand His Family And His Place In A Complex And Unforgiving World A Smart And Innovative Story Funny, Bloody, Raw, And Real Told In A Rhythmic Voice Full Of Heart, Mongrels Is A Deeply Moving, Sometimes Grisly, Novel That Illuminates The Challenges And Tender Joys Of A Life Beyond The Ordinary In A Bold And Imaginative New Way.

Stephen Graham Jones is the author of fifteen novels and six collections He really likes werewolves and slashers Favorite novels change daily, but Valis and Love Medicine and Lonesome Dove and It and The Things They Carried are all usually up there somewhere Stephen lives in Boulder, Colorado It s a big change from the West Texas he grew up in He s married with a couple kids, and probably one

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    Even a man who is pure in heart and says his prayers by night may become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms and the Autumn moon is bright from The Wolf Man 1941It s hard out there for a wolf We ve come a long way from the classic from Vixens and Monster.tumblr.com What did you want be As children, we all have dreams of ourselves as adults I started out, a West Bronx local in a very concrete world, wanting to be a forest ranger, later an astronaut, later still, an aeronautical engineer, with the usual adolescent rock star fantasy tossed in I imagine most of us had dreams well within the range of reasonable human experience and fantasy, whether or not we ever saw them through to fruition The narrator of Mongrels, being raised by his aunt Libby, uncle Darren and his grandfather, dreams of growing up to be like them I guess many of us want to be like the adults who raise us Libby, Darren and Grandpa, however, are werewolves werewolves, they ve always been where it s at for me I remember being twelve, living way out in the country, and creeping up from my ...

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    The most human werewolf novel I ve ever read.

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    Always feed a wolf his fill, the old woman quotes out loud, lest you wake with your throat in his jaws Until very recently, I always thought that lycanthropy was a made up condition Human beings don t really turn into human wolf hybrids under a full moon ripping through their clothes and feasting on hapless prey But I just finished Mongrels by Stephen Graham Jones a few days ago, a buddy read with my pal Mindi and now I m pretty sure Dr Jones is an actual werewolf and he wrote this fictional handbook of sorts so that horror fans could be believers raising my hand I m a believer This book has hundreds of reviews so I m not feeling like I m going to add anything new to the fray but I want to impress upon anyone who maybe hasn t read this book I m the last one to finish, aren t I that this is hands down the best novel about werewolves on the market.Jones has built so much realism into lycanthropy lore that Mongrels could be the gold standard on which all others could be compared.And just to make the package even delicious, there s a sweet coming of age tale in these pages told in a fashion that I have already come to love about SGJ If you ve read his novella, MAPPING THE INTERIOR, you ll know wha...

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    I feel bad about it, but I ll say it anyway Mongrels didn t work that well for me.I listened to the audio and at first I thought it was the narrators that were my problem After a while, though, I became accustomed to their voices and they were NOT my problem.My problem was I didn t like it There it is I believe I got what the author was trying to do and while I admire it, in the end it just didn t work for me I recommend you give this one ...

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    This book was great I mean, there s not a succinct way to put it G R E A T.It s a coming of age story about a young man who lives in a family of outlaw werewolves, and a chronicle of their travels across the impoverished and dangerous American South I don t know if that last sentence sells the book or not, but if it doesn t, FEAR NOT The execution far surpasses the general conceit This book is ENGAGING I mean, I was rapt from the first few pages There s something poetic, yet effortless, in the voice in which Jones uses to tell this tale Hints of colloquialism keeps the prose bouncing along as BIG concepts get boiled down into simple and sometimes gory gruesome metaphors Behind the horror and all the werewolf talk, this truly is a story about growing up and the TRUE terror that brings Although the books ...

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    The best the best werewolf novel I have ever read It s a coming of age story of a young boy whose family lives on the fringes of society for several reasons they re brown, they re poor, oh oh and also they re werewolves constantly on the run from the law Come for the ...

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    Amazing story Must Read Best of 2016You know that feeling The one where you re immersed in a world where you re not ready to leave Where you are so involved in these characters lives that you need to stay just a little bit longer Where it can t end Not yet, not now When you find a great novel, that s exactly what happens When I read To Kill a Mockingbird, The Traveling Vampire Show, Salem s Lot, Ghoul, Brave New World, and recently, Midnight Rain and The Last Days of California, that s what happened I wasn t ready to let go, but the author gave me no choice.That brings us to Stephen Graham Jones Mongrels Mongrels is the story of a boy and his aunt and uncle They are a pack of werewolves He is still waiting to see if he is ever going to change Along the way, we get a ton of great stories and situations revolving around the threesome This is far from your traditional werewolf tale of blood, full moons, and silver bullets Stephen Graham Jones takes us down a path that, while perfectly lycanthropian, is b...

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    This is a werewolf coming of age story that was so much fun to read Clever chapter titles, fun little jokes you could miss if you weren t paying attention, fun twist on the beasties.

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    A new favorite

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    It is always a treat to discover a novel that places new twists on old ideas The werewolf novel has been around a long time and there really didn t seem to be much one can say about the man turns wolf scenario Yet Stephen Graham Jones doesn t just add a new twist but turns the entire concept on its head In Mongrels we have a family of werewolves living as nomads in the south The life of the modern day werewolf is grim, dreary and dangerous Aunt Libby, Uncle Darren and their young nephew live like nomads in the American South, moving from place to place, working dreary low paying jobs and always vigilant of the many dangers werewolves face The nephew, who is our young narrator throughout the book, has yet to turn He gets his education on the perils of being lycanthrope from his grandfather, his aunt and his uncle and he is not always sure how much of it is real or exaggerated Mongrels is primarily a coming of age story about a boy growing up in the most displaced and precarious life style imaginable.The author just doesn t change a few bits of werewolf lore He rips them up and creates his own legends and culture He has an original take on the sub genre He gives us an unique and fully realized culture of creatures with peri...

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